Officina Mirabilis è un laboratorio di comunicazione fondato da Vincenzo Notaro, focalizzato sull’equilibrio tra solidità concettuale e design creativo. Ci occupiamo di ideazione e realizzazione di prodotti per l’advertising, dalla progettazione grafica, allo sviluppo di video e siti web. Svolgiamo la nostra attività con passione, estro e dedizione, forti dell’esperienza di un team con competenze multidisciplinari. LEGGI ALTRO
Officina Mirabilis collateral projects and creative networking activities

Officina Mirabilis collateral projects and creative networking activities

Officina Mirabilis is active in socio-cultural, artistic, eco-friendly projects and international partnerships.


For example, Vincenzo Notaro together with his father, Tonino Notaro, works on the editorial projects of Disvelare edizioni, taking care of the artistic and communicational themed series.



When Valeria Nazzaro – content curator – entered the team, Officina Mirabilis started the side projects on Instagram: @natura.mirabilis and @cultura.mirabilis, to spread ideas of beauty and sustainability.




As a result of the synergy with Campanica and King Goya Travel Magazine (Norway), Officina Mirabilis starts the complex project of global rebranding ‘ISKIAH’.

Problem: Following a market research, our team found out there was a problem in identifying the island, which originated from the difficulty to pronounce the word ‘ISCHIA’.

Iscla, Aiscia, Aische, are just some of the unpronounceable sounds we heard in the course of our research.

Solution: The name ISKIAH – an exonym, like Naples is for Napoli – was designed to simplify the pronunciation for a large part of English-speaking tourists and not only, who struggle to pronounce ‘Ischia’ with consequent problems identifying Ischia as a brand.

Within the ISKIAH project, Officina Mirabilis took care of the photographic campaign The Forever Green Isola, of the concept video and the website.



In July 2020, Officina Mirabilis creates Il SudPlus, the product & experience design network from Sud to Plus, a forge of creative proposals created to start up territorial melanges and synergies, with the aim of exporting products and beauty from the South to foreign markets. The first launch was the cocktail NA57, created to give exposure to volcanic wines and other products from Campania, launching a vivacious challenge to the famous cocktail French75, based on Champagne.




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